Help Using This Site

This is a frames-oriented genealogy web site. Depending on the browser you are using, you may be able to right-click in this frame, and choose back-frame or forward-frame, you may have navigation menu items similarly named, or you may be able to use your regular Forward and Back buttons to navigate around this site. In any case, you will be able to use the links provided in the frame panes that you see.

The vertical frame border between this pane and the index pane can be used for re-sizing. Grab it with your mouse pointer and you'll find that you can resize the panes by dragging the border left and right. Additionally, you may grab the frame border above this frame and drag it up and down, perhaps to better view the family data pages.

The pane on the left is used to seek directly to a person, or family, of interest. You can scroll it up and down. The links you'll see in this pane, in the tables, will navigate you up and down my family tree. There is both an Individual Index and a Family Index available. You can switch between them by using the links at the top and bottom of the lists.

The tables you see in this frame contain the information about the persons in this genealogical database. The tables are organized on a family basis. For each family you will generally see the Primary, then the Spouse, then the Family information; very much like a Family Group Sheet. For the Primary and Spouse there is birth and death date and place information, and identification of parents, with their birth data. The family information includes birth date and name of the child, as well as marriage information. Both the parents and children may be hyper-linked to elsewhere in this web site. Each person and/or family may also include additionl note text, pictures, or hyperlinks to other web sites.

E-mail me at if you would like to contact me about my genealogy, or about this web site, which was generated by Family Matters® genealogy software.